2019 Musical Goals

I struggled for a while figuring out what my musical goals would be for this year. I made my list of personal goals rather readily, but struggled finding the right words for what I wanted my musical and professional life to look like in 2019. 2018 was my first year out of school, and for many people, that first year is a time of both unrest and growth. After 20+ years of weekly feedback on your playing, you suddenly have to be become your own feedback machine, and when you do

9 Moving Tips for Classical Musicians

It can be difficult and isolating to try to find your niche as a classical musician in a new city or country. There may be different customs from what you've known. The classical community in any city is usually small-ish, select, and full of people who have worked in it for a long time- maybe even grew up in it. So when you're the new musician in town, it is incredibly important to meet with as many of those people as you can. I had the good fortune of taking my Suzuki book